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At some stage we will all experience some form of back pain. When it happens, you will get mountains of advice, albeit well intended, varying from the obscure to the obscene.

It can be hard to decide which the best option is; Disc poppers? Blind bonesetters? All curing healers? Who do you choose and more importantly, who can you trust?

Essentially, if you hurt your back, you want to find someone who is appropriately qualified and experienced, who you can trust to help you manage your back problem. As Chartered Physiotherapists, we here at ProActive Physio, are recognised as specialists in treating back pain.

Michelle travelled to Curtin University in Australia to complete a Diploma in Spinal Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. Here she was taught by the world experts in back pain, the most up-to-date and scientific treatment for its management. Michelle has worked closely with all of our physiotherapists to provide comprehensive effective physiotherapy treatment and management of back pain.

ProActive Physio has since developed a dedicated Back Pain Clinic. We aim to get to the root cause of your pain. Yes we provide hands-on treatment to treat your symptoms, but the key part is that we show you how you can best condition and strengthen your back, enabling you to return worry-free to full function at home, work or sport.

Below is an outline of your first visit to our Back Pain Clinic
• You tell us your story about your back pain
• We will ask you some questions around this
• We will look at how you move; sit, stand, bend, squat
• We will perform a thorough neurological assessment
• We will assess your range of movement, strength and control, and level of pain
• We will also assess your joints, muscles and soft tissues
• We will discuss how your back is affecting your daily activities or sport
• We will plan a rehab program to tackle these limitations
• Where indicated we will provide hands on treatment of your affected joints & muscles
• We will discuss things in your daily life that may be contributing to your back pain
• We aim to answer any questions you may have!

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Proactive Physio | Injuries | Back Pain

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