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Physiotherapy for Headache & Migraine provides non-drug options for people to effectively manage their condition, alongside the traditional medical model.

Dr Michelle Biggins PhD has specialist education & training in physiotherapy for headache & migraine in Ireland, the UK and Australia. She is continuously researching & updating her knowledge on available migraine treatments so that she can direct you to the most appropriate resource where needed.

About me:
Dr Michelle Biggins PhD, I am a chartered physiotherapist with over 15 years experience. I have migraine myself and come from a family of migraineurs. I am married with two young children, and I understand the challenge of trying to live, parent and work when migraine holds you back. I love movement, exercise and meditation and this forms the basis of my approach to Headache & Migraine management.

Mission statement:
To serve and provide evidence based education & treatment options for people with headache and migraine, enabling them to survive, effectively manage and ultimately thrive within the challenge of a migraine brain and body.

My approach to managing Headache & Migraine:

1. EducationTo help you truly understand headache & migraine and what your treatment options are. I provide education on what is most likely to provide you relief and long-term management based on research.
2. Neck Pain ReliefFor people with co-existing neck problems that trigger your migraine, I teach you through exercise, how you minimise this trigger. For in-person appointments, I use manual therapy techniques to the upper cervical spine to speed up this recovery.
3. ExerciseExercise does not need to be high intensity for it to be beneficial, in fact for headache & migraine, that type of exercise can trigger an attack. My exercise approach is to build achievable fitness goals through aerobic and strength programs that are headache & migraine friendly.
4. Hypersensitive Nervous SystemMigraine is broadly defined as a hypersensitivity of the nervous system, including the body & brain. My approach involves strategies to calm or lower the nervous system such as optimising sleep, meditation & breathing exercises.
5. Realistic ProgramsI have worked with patients for over 15 years, and I understand that often the greatest challenge is fitting in exercises and positive health strategies into an already busy life. This program is based on health behaviour change science and how to build “sticky habits” into your life for long term success.

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