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Most of us have experienced headache at some stage. However, for a significant proportion of the population, headache is a regular occurrence that interrupts their daily life, family, work and education. There are many types of headache with the most common being Tension-Type Headache and Migraine.

The first step in the management of your Headache or Migraine is diagnosis. Once you have a diagnosis, we can advise you on the most appropriate management and treatment options for your Headache or Migraine.

We work closely with your GP, pain specialist, or neurologist to diagnose your specific type of Headache or Migraine as per the International Headache Society classification.

Headache and Migraine is a specialist area of physiotherapy. Michelle Biggins is a chartered physiotherapist with specialist training in the area of Headache and Migraine. She is a member of and works closely with the Migraine Association of Ireland. She has trained and undertaken the following courses in Headache and Migraine;

Headache Masterclass, Diagnosis and ManagementRoyal College of Physicians, London
Evidence Based Management of HeadacheBeaumont Hospital Dublin
Level 1 Headache Course, Dean WatsonStansted, London
Level 1 Online follow-on, Dean WatsonSydney, Australia
Introduction to Headache ManagementCurtin University, Perth, Australia

Where does physiotherapy fit in with Headache and Migraine?

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