Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a treatment option for some types of back pain and sports injuries. We use what is called a Pilates Reformer Bed.

Back Pain

Pilates Reformer Beds allow us to get you moving and exercising your back in pain-free positions. Pain-free exercise starts to desensitise your back to movement and gives you the confidence to start exercising and moving your back. It is essential for your long-term back health and pain management that you find some kind of exercise to help condition and strengthen your back. Pilates Reformer can start the process of introducing regular exercise into your lifestyle.

Sports Injuries

We also use Pilates Reformer Beds for persistent injuries of the lower limb; long-term groin or hamstring injuries. Persistent sports injuries can be related to how efficiently you move and absorb load through your back, pelvis and hips. If you are moving inefficiently through these areas you will have to compensate elsewhere. Compensating through already weak injured muscles (i.e. groin and hamstrings) leaves you open to further injury and more time out of sport.

Using the Pilates Reformer bed, we try to load your back, pelvis and hips in more ideal functional positions as we get you jumping, hopping and squatting. We then progress this to more functional exercises to match your sport requirements.

This may be the solution to your problem and if you think it might help, contact us for advice or an appointment on 085-1670574 or email at