Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This is a specialised form of treatment for people who have Chronic Pain. Chronic Pain is pain that goes beyond the normal time of healing. This can be anything from 3 months up to 20 years. Chronic pain affects 13% of the population in Ireland. It is a disabling condition where the person’s quality of life, work, and family situation are greatly affected.

We use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to help our patients manage their chronic pain condition. This includes
• Pain Education
• Goal setting
• Lifestyle management
• Graded exercise
• Guide to sleeping
• Stress and Anxiety management
• Coping with flare-ups
We also work closely with Health Psychologist Suzanne Allen in Oranmore, to offer a multi-disciplinary support team to those affected with Chronic Pain.

If you have a Chronic Pain condition or know someone who does and might benefit from a CBT approach, feel free to contact us on 0851670574 or