What Is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a scientific healthcare profession that is concerned with optimising movement and function in people who are affected by pain, injury, disease and disorders throughout all life stages from the sedentary person to the elite athlete.

It involves a comprehensive assessment of the patient's condition, diagnosis where possible, patient goal setting, outlined treatment options, guided rehabilitation and education.


What is Chartered Physiotherapy?

Chartered Physiotherapists are members of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP). The ISCP is the only professional body for physiotherapists in Ireland.

By choosing a Chartered Physiotherapist you are choosing a healthcare professional with a University degree who has demonstrated the highest standards of excellence in clinical care. Chartered Physiotherapists are the healthcare professionals of choice within the hospital setting, primary care & GP setting, elite sporting level, and who you can therefore trust to provide the most up-to-date scientific evidence for your care.

Michelle Biggins, Margaret O Connor and Brian Lenihan are Chartered Physiotherapists and members of the ISCP.